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You may also call our Information Line at 215-648-1000 ext. So, what are virtual workshops?Our colleague Emma explains what virtual workshops are and highlights some of the key benefits that await those who use them.
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  • In-Person.
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    With a virtual workshop, you can reach and engage more people and make progress in your projects, but only if you prepare for it.

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    Workshops are 30 minutes.

  • Learning Workshops: Virtual and Classroom-based learning.
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  • Either make your online session a maximum of two hours or, if it’s taking place over the course of a day, allow short breaks.
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  • For virtual workshops, especially if you have breakouts and multiple facilitators, I recommend developing a Facilitator’s Guide which maps out every few minutes of the workshop and key talking.
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    Since you bring your phone everywhere, your dieting plan can come, too.