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I want to get multiple (two) public addresses so that I can bind each one to a different router/firewall. .
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  • if you want two gateways because of bad coverage, you can try getting a mesh network, a mesh network has multiple "access points" that you put around your home and it blankets every corner with coverage.
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    What he would like to be able to do is have both networks (the 10.

  • Internet.
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  • Internet connectivity through Ethernet connection (two or four ports) Connection for one to two phone lines.
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    It's possible to have one modem in a location and two routers, however that isn't something that we recommend.

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    For twelve weeks, Bible Gateway will publish a chapter from the Bible study book, taking you through the full text of McKnight’s study on Philippians.

  • Suggested Further Reading: Acts 13:42-52.
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